NEW! Introducing the Traditio Faith Formation Series

In his now famous Christmas Address to the Roman Curia delivered on December 22, 2005, Pope Benedict XVI spoke of two competing approaches to the Second Vatican Council; the appropriate one being based upon what he described as the “hermeneutic of renewal in continuity with the one subject Church the Lord has given us.”

Applying this interpretive key to the conciliar text, however, is utterly impossible for a people largely unfamiliar with the sacred Magisterium of the centuries leading up to Vatican II.

Therein lies the purpose of the Traditio Faith Formation Series: To aid the children of the Church – both lay and ordained – in developing a fully Catholic worldview founded upon a solid understanding of “the faith that comes to us from the Apostles,” in all of its immutable richness, the transmission of which throughout the course of the centuries is the very purpose of sacred Tradition. More…